L.I.A formally known as “Mz Alia” was born in Los Angeles, CA. Like many Other families living in harsh conditions, L.I.A was faced with a lot of adversity with kids picking on her in school, because to many kids her age she was different. Dealing with a father that was in and out of her life, & a mom working low-income jobs. At a young age her mother told her children that she was a addict. “That was the scariest day of my life.” but her mother Joined a local drug relation program and started on her journey of becoming a clean women. ” At that moment I made up my mind to set a example for myself & my younger brother. Through her teen age years and not really having any money, the streets seem like the only option for this upcoming star, being exposed to selling drugs at a young age.

Going to the Hollywood High School of Arts is where she discovered a passion for playing the in the marching band, playing drums and songwriting. At 16 L.I.A starts putting together R&B groups, songwriting, arranging and producing records for upcoming talent. ” I got a better since of the music business” Naming her musical Influences from Missy Elliott, Live Instrumentation, T.I, Jay-z, 2pac, Beyonce, Salt-N-Pepa, and Movements like Roc-A-Fella, Bad Boy, Cash Money and No Limit. At 18 L.I.A steps up to the mic to put her pain as a teenager into lyrical form. Doing her first live performance opening up for Jay-O Felony & since then been performing at countless events across California.

Lyrical, raspy, smooth, eccentric & aggressive is how her rap style can be described. L.I.A has been hard at work cooking Up her debut mixtape/ep “Never Defeated” out now on itunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and More. Be prepared for A variety of Singles coming this year from this young superstar L.I.A. Hope The Game is ready for this one. 

L.I.A. - Never Defeated cover art - social media announcement - 2 (byLCGraphics)





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